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Book Cyber Safety Workshops

Our workshops include experienced facilitators, visiting your organisation or school to provide workshops to young people which reference the Best Enemies film.


We focus on the key characters in the film and their roles (victim, bully, bystander etc) and actively engage each young person to reinforce the messages in the film and present strategies on cyber safety, digital reputation and online privacy.


This includes:

1) Screening 'Best Enemies'

2) Structured discussions on online privacy, digital reputation, cyber safety, online and offline bullying.

3) Utilising a combination of exercises to further discuss the film, characters and issues including:

- Behaviour management
- Social skills and communication techniques

- Acting techniques and role playing

- Story boarding and storytelling exercises


The cost of the workshops depends on the number of students/young people involved and is priced per person on application.


The film’s uniqueness comes from its ability to show the consequences from both the victim and bully’s perspective and this has really connected with young people.


The combination of an educational and entertainment component also captivates young people whilst also connecting on their level to explore the causes and consequences of these issues thus providing a pro-active and preventative approach to confronting cyber bullying.


Responses from schools and youth agencies have shown that the use of the film assists in increasing awareness of cyber bullying and teen issues and the Study Guide will further provide a mechanism for structured discussion to confront the issues presented and potential approaches to dealing with cyber bullying and its consequences.


Young people, parents, teachers and youth agencies can use the both film and the Study Guide with anti-bullying programs to talk directly about the issue rather than theoretically and the film is already providing assistance to both schools and youth agencies across Australia.